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Digital transformation is a process that began in the late twentieth century and continues to advance. With the goal of continuous improvement of all strategic points of organizations to provide better service to customers, employees, partners and owners.

In the area of workforce management, and especially in the area of maintenance and services, the digital transformation offers an outstanding help for each company to monitor and manage their own staff in a good way.

The integration of technology in maintenance or repair activities helps companies in several aspects that we can highlight:

  • It allows to plan activities in an efficient and simple way.
  • Schedule visits and assign the best resources according to the requirements of each task.
  • Record locations, itineraries and personnel activities.
  • Monitor workforce activity.
  • Monitor completed, pending and unfinished tasks.
  • Obtain real-time reports of each activity.
  • Centralize and automate the flow of information obtained in the field.
  • Share detailed reports of the activities performed to stakeholders.
  • Integrate your ERP software, CRM, own developments to our platform.
  • Facilitate the analysis of KPIs.

Without the help of a digital tool, field and backend personnel need more time to complete their reports and verify that the photographic or digital evidence is correctly attached to each spreadsheet. 

In this clear example, we can understand the speed that the OfficeTrack solution provides by providing intelligent dynamic forms.

Other benefits you can obtain are:

  • Improve end-customer satisfaction.
  • Decrease human errors.
  • Eliminate paper.
  • Save information digitally, making it easier to store and search.
  • Increase operational efficiency.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and the tools it provides to companies that provide field services, gives them the possibility to perform tasks more efficiently and productively. 

It is in our hands to take advantage of it and make the best use of it so that it helps us all to have a satisfactory professional and personal life.

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