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Organization in telecommunications companies is fundamental, and the emergence of new technologies is helping to improve their operations.

An efficient and well-organized workforce has always been the ultimate goal of almost every company. For telecommunications companies, which have a large number of field employees, good management and coordination of their personnel will allow process optimization and improved productivity.

The activities of field technicians, often in remote areas, make their schedules unpredictable, which can lead to problems of lack of coordination and inadequate resource planning. In this case, a workforce management app can help overcome these challenges and significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of a telecom company’s field staff.

A workforce management app is a tool that allows supervisors and field managers to have a clear view of the activities and location of their staff in real time. By using this tool, it is possible to see the location of field technicians and make activity assignments in the most effective way. The app will also provide accurate data on travel times, hours worked and rest times, eliminating downtime, and thus optimizing the field operation.

Another extremely important benefit is that by being able to visualize from the operations base the location of each resource in real time, it is possible to assign and redistribute tasks as needed. If a technician is late or a high priority task arises, the application can send a notification to the technicians and reassign activities to other available employees. This ability to manage and coordinate the field workforce from the backend translates into improved efficiency and productivity for the company.

A WFM application for field services is an invaluable tool to improve the management of field personnel in a telecommunications company.

The OfficeTrack solution allows for better coordination, more effective resource planning and greater efficiency. The company will see these benefits reflected in reduced costs, improved response times and can guarantee a higher quality of service. If your company has not yet implemented an application for monitoring and managing your workforce, it is time to consider it.

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