Booking with OfficeTrack WFM


Reduces time and improves customer service


OfficeTrack is a SaaS (“Software as a service”) platform that allows immediate connection between the administrative part of any company and the collaborators or workers in the field / street, through an App (Mobile User) and a Web tool (Administrative User) of course with the corresponding profiles or permissions.


We have developed and implemented a new function called “Booking”.


What is Booking?


Booking is a function linked to the task module, which optimizes the assignment of the different activities to be executed and as a result improves the time, precision, assertiveness and compliance of the service provided to the end customer.


This means that by enabling this module, web or administrative users are allowed to manage the task assignment according to the staff skills on the street, available time windows and even according to the type of activity to be carried out. This results in precise information towards the end customer and therefore a significant improvement in the service provided. In other words, the client can optimize, control and assign activities according to the time frames by area or technician, thus achieving the management of capacities and organization of non-working days.


This module can directly work by the end customer through an SMS, where the options available in the agenda for each type of service are displayed and it will be the customer who decides which window to take and thus the assignment agenda is managed. Of course, OfficeTrack Booking allows notifications to the client as confirmation or rescheduling of the service, in this way reprocessing costs are reduced and resources are optimized.



In conclusion: This module’s purpose is to optimize the activities or services assignment to be provided in the field.


How can the Booking function be applied?


This function can be enabled and used by any company with access to OfficeTrack, thereby optimizing the different processes for assigning activities and notably improving the service to the end customer.


A company with collaborators in the field operation (For example: Technicians, Commercials, Auditors, Engineers, Messengers, Logistics, among others), can assign activities with the OfficeTrack Booking module in an optimal way. Parameters can be defined for each employee (Skills), by activity type and even select non-working days.


This functionality favors all companies with Service scheduled according to the end customer needs (Deliveries, Technical Service, Audits, etc.). That is to say, services that require precise scheduling and end customer availability. OfficeTrack Booking complements field operations, because it optimizes the resources allocation, facilitating operational processes and improving customer service.

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