Cellular Forms

The Cellular Form service enables the back-office to quickly create digital forms for filling in by field workers on their mobile device during any task.

Data collected in the field is sent online to the back-office, reducing the response time between teams. This results in minimized human error and maximized team productivity.

Forms can easily be created and edited by business administrators (without the support of IT). Each service is then able to have its own specific and suitable form. Forms can also include requirements for digital signatures.

Using their mobile device, field workers fill in the required information on the forms and send it to the back-office or the specific manager.

Main Features

Customized Forms

Create cellular forms to fit the specific needs of any organization.

Define Recipient Groups

Publish and send forms to an individual or group of field workers.

Integration with Back-Office Systems

Send completed forms directly to back-office systems.

Simple Updating Process

Update form types as required, at any given time.

Generate Reports

Produce reports and provide multi-dimensional analysis data.

Key Benefits

Real-time Information from the Field

Significant improvement in work efficiency is a direct result of receiving forms and reports from the field in real-time and synchronizing the information with back-office systems.

Savings in Operational Expenses

The cellular form service eliminates the need for scanning, typing, printing and archiving paper forms.

Information Accuracy

The cellular form service eliminates data entry errors and validates that required information is completed before sending.

Flexible and Dynamic Forms

Forms can be changed or updated on the fly by site users. This will not make previous forms redundant.

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