Discover how Entel Peru improved Customer Service with OfficeTrack
OfficeTrack's customer satisfaction module has been essential to optimize Entel Peru's service management.
How Entel Peru Improved Customer Service with OfficeTrack

Besides the management of technical issues, the proper management of customer service constitutes a challenge for a telecommunications company’s senior managers because it represents a differential value for the sector, as it’s a key factor when it comes to meeting targets.

Aware of this, senior managers at Entel Peru, the region’s leading telecommunications and communication technology company, decided to take a step further and optimize their home Internet installation process by making use of OfficeTrack to solve their key challenges. Let’s go into detail about their experience.

Entel Peru’s value proposition

Since 2002, Entel Peru began a revolution in the long-distance market in Peru, specifically standing out thanks to their international call services which they offered at convenient rates through the number 19-77, which became the most frequently used code for long-distance calls within the country.

Long-distance services, dedicated Internet, fixed telephone lines, data transmission, hosting cloud computing, and on-demand IT services, among others, are some of the many products Entel Peru offers its users. Of them all, the home internet installation process is one of the telecommunications company’s star products.

Committed to delivering comprehensive, efficient, and innovative telecommunications solutions, the company faced the challenge of optimizing its home Internet installation process with the aim of adding value to the service by improving its quality.

Problem diagnosis

In the initial analysis, Entel Peru identified a series of incidents during the process such as delays in addressing requests, errors when estimating approximate times for each installation request, and a lack of proper control over traceability.

In addition to that, there was no proof of the work carried out by technicians, let alone of the quality of the service or the efficiency of the installation. There was also a lack of organization in terms of task scheduling for each installation request.

In this context, the company began to search for a WFM solution that would help them address these issues and ended up opting for OfficeTrack to optimize this process. This way, the company began to use this cloud-based solution to modernize management processes.

OfficeTrack solution

Once the mobile solution was installed on each technician’s smartphone, Entel Peru managed to replace all the unnecessarily long appointment scheduling processes as well as the task allocation procedure. This change resulted in a substantial increase in productivity with the consequent cost minimization.

By making use of OfficeTrack, old delivery reports were replaced by electronic forms that can easily and quickly be filled out from the phone.

The most significant improvements in the home Internet installation process are the following:

  • Optimized task allocation management
  • Real-time monitoring of technicians’ work
  • Service detailed monitoring
  • Control over PDI checkpoints
  • Greater accuracy of information
  • Delivery of reports and customer satisfaction

Smoother and better-optimized processes

OfficeTrack mobile solution has allowed Entel Peru to optimize the time its technicians spend on each installation and reduce it by 50%, with their estimated times decreasing from 7 to 10 days to only 3 to 4 days on average. This way, Entel Peru users have benefited from a substantial improvement in the quality of the service.

In addition to that, the use of the platform by technicians has also resulted in better activity planning, minimizing setup and traveling times which allows them to have more control over their tasks.

This way, the company has detected that customer satisfaction has increased considerably, whilst the number of back-office staff needed for appointment scheduling and task allocation has decreased

A solution that contributes to customer commitment

OfficeTrack customer satisfaction module has been key in optimizing Entel Peru service management. The platform has contributed to the improvement of Entel Peru’s home Internet installation process, improving the relationship with its users at the same time.

The use of OfficeTrack has represented a major step forward for Entel Peru, as the company continuously focuses on delivering a better service to its customers. They have achieved this by optimizing the quality of customer service and reducing setup times.

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