Discover the 3 most valued functionalities by OfficeTrack customers


OfficeTrack is a software solution that allows the permanent flow of information between field / street employees and the base of operations of any company. It combines a mobile App, installed on the operators’ Smartphones with a Web tool for managing and monitoring field operations.


OfficeTrack is made up of several modules that can be combined with each other, from which each client can choose the ones that solve their specific need.


Today we will tell you which are the modules that our clients consider essential for their processes.


Let ‘s begin!




It is an option found within the Tasks module that allows different operational processes to be involved in the same tool, and that each process has its respective sequence.


It is very useful within a company that has personnel dedicated to different areas. For example, in the case of having commercial, technical and logistics personnel in your operation, you can configure and adapt it to work simultaneously with OfficeTrack, defining a step-by-step or different configuration for each process. The moments or statuses to report, the forms or the capture of pertinent information will be configured according to the type of activity.


Dynamic Forms


A form is a document that is used to collect data that will be stored and processed later.


The OfficeTrack digital form allows you to establish dynamic fields, which depending on the answers previously completed, other fields may appear or disappear within the form.


The form can be custom designed from our website, allowing you to edit and adapt the document according to the requirements of the operation, and then synchronize it with the application, and use it on each mobile device.


The forms can collect data: numeric, alphanumeric, checklists to complete, drop-down menus, combined combos, photos, digital signature capture, selection of customer lists, barcode reading, identification tokens, product catalog items, among others.


Report Designer


It is a functionality linked to forms, which allows you to modify the design of the standard OfficeTrack report templates. By enabling this module, each client can autonomously customize and design their own reports, generating all the reports they need, in a dynamic way that follows the different campaigns and process evolutions.


Logos, formats, images and specific predefined texts can be incorporated for each type of task.


Likewise, they can be sent online to the different interested parties that the company considers, whether staff within the company, or end customers through predefined distribution lists or entered emails.


You can also define a different Report for each Workflow. Each process can have a different aesthetic for each area and with the supports or information capture associated with its process.




Our solutions and functionalities allow each company to optimize its resources, improve its customer service and implement all processes through the same tool: OfficeTrack.

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