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Applications are tools that we have already incorporated into our daily lives. There are apps of all kinds, from games to corporate apps that help companies in their work. 

OfficeTrack is our App that helps companies to improve communication and field staff management. We keep constantly growing and innovating. From our company we want to present the new update of our app, OfficeTrack NG version 2022.4, which is now available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone). 

Before telling you which are the new features of the update, it was important to mention that we have made a radical renovation and makeover, taking into account feedback from our customers and main users of our App. 

Some of the new features of the new update are:

  • New UI (user interface).
  • Renewed image, according to the new image of the company.
  • Easier to recognize icons.
  • New color palette.
  • New options were introduced to make it easier to upload information from your field employees.
  • Pop-up alerts when new versions of forms are available.
  • Major improvements in catalog items.
  • New scanning modes with alerts in case of failures.
  • Improved functionalities.

From OfficeTrack we continue working to offer you the best platform for the management of your personnel in the field. We are pleased to be able to give you the best experience and we will continue to do our best to exceed your highest expectations.


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