Flujos de Trabajo en OfficeTrack
Una herramienta ideal para verificar los procesos de los trabajadores en campo que toda compañía de field services debería utilizar.

Officetrack is a workforce management solution that empower companies to  better manage their daily operation tasks and  team from single control view.

Since the operation is complex with many changing verabels this tasks can be challenge at time to achieve. OfficeTrack workflow module bring the flexibility to the front and allow to create different process for different type of LOB (line of business).

What’s a Workflow?

Workflow is a new feature in Officetrack task management module allows to design different operational processes.

Each process has its respective sequence of task life cycle (Task status) triggers a unique flow on managing a task from creation to completion and the steps/milestones in between.

Use case 1. Managing an install task

Use case 2. Managing a delivery task

Workflows” are associated with the different types of activities through the status/inputs or moments of these, Officetrack allows adding each step according to the process to be executed, for example:

How can Workflow be applied?

A company that manages different types of jobs within their field operation can work with Officetrack simultaneously.

Using OfficeTrack Workflow, can define a different step-by-step or set up for each process.

This functionality favors one hundred percent (100%) of our clients because normally all companies have more than one process on the street, therefore “Workflow” adapts very well to any operation dividing the processes and carrying them out in a simultaneous way.

It is worth highlighting or mentioning what “Workflows” is available and immersed in our task module for all clients, it is only necessary to set it up or adapt it according to each operation and if the company still does not use Officetrack, it is the right time to start to do so and thus have control of the field operation and gain better operational efficiencies.

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