IESA Ingeniería - Elevators Case in México.

IESA Ingeniería – Elevators Case in México.

Specialized company in the supply and assembly of new equipment in minor times, at the same time they offer maintenance, modernization and repair of all elevators brands. The commitment to quality is superior to the new technology provided by large companies today. Their products are certified by American standards, which are superior to European and/or Latin American standards.

How do they it?

Their workforce meets the highest quality standards, since their staff has a minimum 10 years experience, organized by specialized and certified engineers in this area, which have between 15 and 30 years experience, training and advising customers and committing themselves to provide a job in good condition, providing security and confidence.

However, IESA faced some challenges in managing its field staff. The lack of real-time information on the technicians location and their performance made it difficult to make decisions and optimize processes.

That’s when IESA Elevator Engineering decided to work with OfficeTrack to implement its field staff management solution. OfficeTrack provided IESA with a real-time tracking system for its employees’ location, which allowed the company to manage their location, activity status and performance at all times.

In addition, OfficeTrack’s solution enabled IESA to optimize its operation and improve efficiency in job assignment and service routing. The company was able to identify areas for improvement in its workforce and reduce response times in customer service.

The OfficerTrack’s solution implementation results was an increase in IESA’s efficiency and productivity. The company was able to improve the technical service quality provided to its customers, reduce operating costs, and increase customer satisfaction, resulting in greater success and profitability for the company.


“OfficeTrack is the application you need if you have staff in the field. It concentrates in one place, several functions improving management, providing data and increase customer satisfaction.

When we have staff in the field, there is some uncertainty about the activities they are performing. OfficeTrack allows us to really know their location and monitor their tasks”.

Yuri Peón
Operational Director at IESA Ingeniería en Elevadores.

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