Logistics & Distribution

The OfficeTrack solution supports field operations run by companies engaging in sectors such as courier services, deliveries, freight, transportation, distribution and handling.

These companies have field workers that are in a state of continuous movement between customers and/or suppliers.

Managers and dispatchers at headquarters must know their field workers’ location at any given time. Managers and despatchers need to monitor and control all processes to ensure that the tasks are performed in the most effective and efficient manner.

Product Benefits

Digital transfer

Streamlined digital transfer of data and information between managers and field workers.

Control capabilities

Effective command and control capability for the organization.

Reducing human error

Paperwork replaced by online work, reducing human error and enabling considerable savings in overhead and human resources.

Information accuracy

Improved information accuracy, relevancy and availability.

Leading to fast ROI

Increased capacity for handling end-customers calls/tasks, leading to fast ROI.

Managerial tools

Managerial tools for measuring field worker efficiency.

Unified work practices

More unified work practices as field workers adhere to predefined procedures of the organization.

Intuitive tools

Improved intuitive tools for field workers to perform all reporting related tasks.

SAAS not required

A SAAS cloud-based service with no hardware required.

Implementation of the OfficeTrack Solution

Management dashboard

Assign tasks to field workers directly from the OfficeTrack management dashboard, or from the company’s ERP systems interfaced with OfficeTrack online.

Plan optimal routes

Plan optimal routes for every field worker.

Real-time locations

View real-time location of all field workers from the dashboard map (PC and mobile device).

Locations relative to tasks

View field workers’ location relative to the location of their tasks.

Predefined points for locations

View field workers’ location relative to predefined points of interest (POI); for example: customer site, supplier site, personal residence.

Geographical zones

View field workers’ location relative to predefined geographical zones, such as assigned work areas.

Receive alerts

Receive alerts (via email, SMS, the dashboard and more) regarding predefined cases, such as workers exiting or entering a particular POI or area.

Automatic assistance

Receive automatic assistance in assigning new tasks to the most suitable field worker.

Managerial reports

Retrieve managerial reports and graphs on locations, routes, times and durations.

Record of locations

Maintains a record of all locations for the past three months.

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