Introducing the OfficeTrack POD revolution

Introducing the OfficeTrack POD revolution

Whether you run a large enterprise carrier business or are an owner/driver courier, Proof of Delivery has never been so easy to implement and to provided so many benefits for your end users


OfficeTrack Distribution new and simple POD delivers 100% electronic POD technology and is flexible enough to maximize peak season efficiency.


OfficeTrack distribution POD can be deployed across platform systems, enabling you to pick and choose the most suitable handset for each type of employee whether they need rugged, semi-rugged or even a consumer android device. If you already have our OfficeTrack SaaS field service solution or use another provider, this module can be integrated seamlessly to give full tracking of each parcel. When recruiting temporary couriers to manage your peak season, there is no longer the need to deliver either an expensive handset or paper PODs as the couriers themselves can download the app from a variety of app stores, log into the system using the password you have provided and start work immediately. OfficeTrack POD solution is easy to use and doesn’t required long implementation cycle.  The easy to use OfficeTrack app ensures very little training with maximum control for your companies and end users to ensure on time delivery is met.



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