Office Track Summit in Brasil

On Tuesday, June 4, 3CON held Summit 2019, a traditional event that brings together users and experts from OfficeTrack, the Israeli WorkForce Management solution that has been experiencing great growth in Brazil. The event took place in the event area of Praça São Lourenço, in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo, and gathered around 150 people, 50 companies and the entire commercial and technical team of 3CON.


Genivaldo Araújo, 3CON CEO, opened the event talking about innovation and the importance of digital transformation. “For the market, a company that does not innovate in its processes and solutions is saying that it will disappear in the next 10 years. The transformation is essential for the survival of the business”, he said.


The success cases presented in this Summit were: Procisa, Tekton Management, ADT Alarms and Sem Parar. During the presentations, were shared the most gains in terms of productivity, quality of reports and customer service, as well as savings in paper, fuel and resources, among other advantages.


Ilan Szapiro, OfficeTrack business director of Brazil unit, and Willian Higashi, OfficeTrack project manager, spoke about the tool’s new features that are now available for immediate use. “The Summit is an important technical update for the user community in the country. Every year we witness the integration and networking of these professionals and their companies in a rich exchange of experiences and information, Szapiro described.


The last talk of the day was by Moty Shemesh, OfficeCore Israel’s CEO, which introduced OfficeTrack New Generation. He explained this is a new paradigm in terms of support for field services, customer service and technical support. Shemesh highlighted the innovations that will further facilitate the user’s OfficeTrack life, such as image and text recognition technology, protection against blurred photos, recording of videos in forms and chatbot for scheduling visits by the client. Whoever saw it, was impressed with the advancement of the solution and the incredible possibilities for the companies.

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