OfficeTrack’s Argentine Mail

For several years, CORASA is the mail used in the electoral processes in Argentina. For 3 years, CORASA uses OfficeTrack Application in its regular collection and distribution operations (of letters, packages, envelopes, merchandise, etc.).


In Argentina presidential elections on November 28, 2019, CORASA used, for the first time and great success, the Officetrack Application during the National Election Process Together with the DINE (National Electoral Directory), detailed administrative processes were established to manage the logistics of the Urns, technological kits, and other materials necessary to vote, which converged, from the electoral centers to the colleges and voting centers, leaving them available before 8 AM, and then, after the closing of the electoral process from 18:00, make the withdrawal of them to be able to make the final vote accounting


This project involved a process with the collection and distribution of more than 1,000,000 boxes (Urns), which were distributed to more than 15,000 colleges and voting centers distributed throughout the country. It also involved making available 8,000 Mobile equipments, monitoring the entire process, indicating to each user where to go, what task to perform, etc. The traceability performed by OfficeTrack was constant, allowing the process to be monitored in an accurate and orderly way.

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