OfficeCore attended CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore

OfficeCore, the innovative provider of field service management software, will be demonstrating in the Israeli export booth at CommunicAsia 2018.

Singapore, 26 – 28 June 2018
(Tuesday – Thursday)
Marina Bay Sands



The company will demonstrate the latest version of Field Service OfficeTrack SaaS  mobile workforce management platform.

Michal Gazit, OfficeCore VP of customer success, will showcase the platform’s newest field service capabilities to form the most personalized solution at the field. In addition to, Michal will walk through the platform’s new demand resource planning and schedule optimization as well as the improved enterprise integration features which deliver faster implementation with third party systems such as CRMs, ERPs

About OfficeCore

OfficeCore offers a complete and flexible workforce management solution, the OfficeTrack. With more than ten years of market experience, and more than 1,000 clients, representing almost 30,000 field employees, the OfficeTrack platform is used in several industries in more than 10 countries. OfficeTrack is a cloud-based cross-platform mobile app with highly flexible and integrated server interfaces. OfficeCore professional services and self-customization options ensure fast implementation and enhanced benefits for business customers. For more information please visit our website and follow us on twitter

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