OfficeTrack Customer Satisfaction Module

OfficeTrack Customer Satisfaction Module

Establishing an emotional connection with customers is the main objective of businesses that aim to strengthen their brand. Nowadays, offering a good product and making it available in the right market is not enough. It’s necessary to generate a whole positive purchasing experience around it.

Through this connection, it’s possible to convey positive brand experiences to customers, building this way a long-standing relationship based on trust that can involve a long-term commitment. The outcome: loyal and committed customers that will recommend your brand to new customers.

OfficeTrack solutions and tools help businesses achieve consumers’ active participation, increasing levels of satisfaction and enhancing their level of commitment to the brand. With such tools, businesses can manage substantial improvement in levels of customer satisfaction by up to 20%.

The Importance of Customer Participation

Customer commitment is the level of loyalty that consumers develop with a brand and it symbolizes the relationship many brands have with their users. In order to achieve it, businesses often take into account some key factors that influence the engagement, such as good customer service and an efficient after-sales service, among others.

It has become crucial to achieve customer participation in the different business processes in order to create customer loyalty and achieve the long-desired engagement. Besides providing us with quality information associated with consumers’ needs, customer participation is an excellent way to maintain regular and active contact with them. OfficeTrack specializes in managing customer requests and it allows you to respond to them more effectively.

The path to achieving strong and long-standing customer commitment involves providing consumers with positive experiences and allowing them to keep a proactive interaction with our brand. OfficeTrack can help with this by facilitating answers to your customers’ inquiries and reducing operating costs at the same time.

How does OfficeTrack Help you Achieve Customer Commitment?

OfficeTrack customer satisfaction module has been especially designed for optimally managing customers’ inquiries. The platform allows businesses to program and manage requests as well as audit and monitor their progress. This way, the tool contributes to optimizing the customer care process, improving that way interaction with users.

As part of their proposal, OfficeTrack solution also offers a range of additional tools to manage customer interaction and automatize the whole customer care process. These are some of them:

Solution Number 1: Flexible Booking System

With OfficeTrack booking module, your clients can see and quickly choose the date and time for their visit, receive a reservation confirmation and easily and swiftly reschedule or cancel it by using their computer or smartphone.

This alternative allows you to optimize Customer Care Technicians’ work by up to 23%, reducing significantly scheduling and setup times, speeding up the whole process.

Solution Number 2: Technicians’ Estimated Time for Arrival

With the Estimated Time of Arrival module – ETA, customers receive an alert via SMS text or email that indicates technicians’ estimated time of arrival at your chosen address.

ETA alerts allow real-time communication with customers, which is especially useful in case of unexpected inconveniences such as traffic delays, accidents, vehicle breakdowns and other possible contingencies.

Solution Number 3: Send Customers a Completion Service Report

OfficeTrack solution allows businesses to automatically generate a completely personalized and detailed report in PDF format for your customers. This report includes all the information related to the service.

This way, customers will know their service request has been actioned and will have detailed information about the entire process.

Solution Number 4: Customer Satisfaction Report

In order to achieve and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction, it’s necessary to interact with customers, get to know what they think of your service and receive their feedback. Only then will we achieve a long-standing relationship based on trust.

To that end, OfficeTrack module allows you to create a customer satisfaction survey that will help measure at which level expectations have been met in order to obtain comments or suggestions from customers that can help you optimize your service.

Achieve Active Customer Participation with OfficeTrack

Customer participation is essential to establish a long-standing relationship with your clients. OfficeTrack helps you strengthen that relationship with useful and functional tools that optimize your customer service processes. This way, your business will accomplish the desired emotional connection with customers. Make sure you request a demo with our team if you would need help improving the customer satisfaction in your business.

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