OfficeTrack enjoys AI to improve customers’ processes

Discover how OfficeTrack enjoy AI to improve customers’ processes

¿What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very broad concept that includes different technologies. Although there is no exact concept, we can describe it as the intention of the human being to create -with all the word CREATE includes-, a system, program, supercomputer or all at the same time, capable of simulating or imitating human logic.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is an aspect of artificial intelligence. It is understood as a less robust, but very important aspect of process automation. The main intention is to “train” the machines, configure a technological system with enough information related to a subject to be solved, so after store and analyse the information, it can perform automatic actions, in any type of massive process.


AI Business benefits

  • Operational time optimization.
  • Reduces human interaction, thus avoiding or minimizing errors in companies operation.
  • Increases productivity and quality.
  • Improves decision making.
  • Information Classification in a practical and reliable way, for example in the separation of packages in logistics, as well as the analysis and detection of information in photographs.


How does OfficeTrack use AI in its Intelligent Dynamic Forms?

Forms are the source of data capture in the field. These include text fields, numeric fields, photos, digital signatures, among others.

Some samples of the processes can be performed with AI support:

  • Extracting and decoding information from a photograph or by scanning a document, to complete the form fields.
  • Recognizing what installation type is observed in an image. This option is used in the telecommunications industry. You can also indicate if maintenance or repairs are required.


Other applications

  • Schedule automatic actions such as Task creation or reassignment, notifications, etc., according to the specific each form requirements.
  • Assign the best employee to perform a task according to their capabilities, proximity, or the configuration of each company.
  • Create tasks automatically, taking as a source the data entered in a form.


OfficeTrack future with AI

With the advances in AI, the potential is limitless. It is a great opportunity for development deep daily activities analysis with the information collected, find behavioural patterns help to provide solutions for process automatization and information learning, so companies have the necessary tools to take decisions.

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