OfficeTrack Videochat

Why use Videochat?


The new technologies explosion has changed our society and the way we interact with other people, which also affects the work and business environment. Therefore, Video Chat for companies adds value, both to keep up with what customers want and to be able to compete on equal terms with other companies.


What is OfficeTrack VideoChat?


When we talk about video chat for companies we refer to the process through which there is a communication between the field staff and the back office by means of a video call in real time showing the work on site.


In other words, an evolution for companies looking for evidence about field services through video calls, in different sectors, adapting their internal and external processes to digital use.


Advantages of video chat in companies


There are many advantages offered by video chat innovation.


 Some of the most significant are the following:


  • Develops and fosters a culture of innovation within the company.
  • Improves the efficiency of internal and external processes of the business itself.
  • Improves communication between field personnel and the company’s back office.
  • Enables the company to respond more quickly and effectively to any internal audit for the work performed.
  • Thanks to the use of video chat, errors in field work processes can be avoided.
  • Allows interaction between supervision and employees in the field.
  • Allows the automation of many work processes and at the same time eliminates human error in these processes.
  • Improves customer service, increasing Sales value and End customer satisfaction. 


Why is video chat important for companies?  


Videochat is an amazing feature already in place. As we have seen, its implementation can bring important advantages for the company.


In a Digital transformation world, companies always should look for the future, absolutely necessary and essential to add value with new features such as video chat, since those companies resist changes and may be at a disadvantage with other companies that are implementing it.


OfficeTrack modules such as videochat are designed to meet companies needs.


In this way, OfficeTrack Videochat improves company work processes efficiency in the field for different sectors. OfficeTrack helps reduce labor costs and improves customer experience and loyalty, which translates into competitive advantages for businesses at  digital era forefront and happier customers, who fully trust these companies thanks to the experience of innovation.

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