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Best Management to monitor and optimize your company performance


What is a Dashboard?
Dashboard or control panel is a data management tool used to visualize, monitor and analyze in a graphic, visual and dynamic way, the metrics and fundamental information.
In a single online dashboard it summarizes the data, and it centralizes the KPIs necessary to understand what is happening in your company, online, at all times.


What are KPI’s?
These indicators measure the performance level of a process and show the degree your company objectives are being met. These values are expressed in percentage or absolute values and are related to a predetermined goal.


There are different types of KPIs, among which we can highlight: sales, purchases, logistics, marketing, customer satisfaction, financial, production, etc.


These KPIs are used in BI (Business Intelligence) to show the current state of the company and define a future strategy.


How does OfficeTrack’s Dashboard work?
Through OfficeTrack’s Dashboard you will be able to see in real time and graphically how the activities and tasks execution evolve throughout the working day.


The information to be viewed can be set up however you want by adding Dashlets.
These Dashlets can be filtered by Attendance (presenteeism), Completed forms and/or Tasks in progress.
Adding a Dashlet opens a new window where the period, the employee information, the tasks types and/or the time frame we want to see can be selected. Thus, the data important to us can be viewed, discarding the rest.
According to our choice, we will have a quick view of the requested report.



How does using a Dashboard help me?
By centrally finding all the KPIs presented with graphs or diagrams within a Dashboard, it is possible to monitor performance in real time and make specific decisions that optimize the company’s strategy.
If you are integrated with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) or other measurement tool, you can set up the Dashboard to update automatically and thus obtain in a simple and quick view the current “photo” of the company state.


Comparisons can be made between reports obtained weekly, monthly or averages over longer periods.
Please contact your OfficeTrack Account Executive for a quick DashBoard Demo and feel all benefits for your company operation!

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