OfficeTrack’s Report Designer


Reduces administrative time and costs 


OfficeTrack, is a software WFM & FSM solution that allows the permanent information flow between employees in the field and the company operations base, through an App (Mobile User) and a Web (Administrative User).


By managing our quality and continuous improvement process, we have developed and implemented a new OfficeTrack functionality: “Report Designer”.


What is the Report Designer?


The Report Designer is a new functionality linked to OfficeTrack digital forms, which allows you to modify our standard report templates, this means that enabling this module allows all our customers flexibility to design their own reports. In other words, the customer can customize and design different reports on each task performed, depending on the associated data capture.


These reports can incorporate logos, formats, images and predefined specific texts for each task type, as well as task entries.


Likewise, they can be sent online to the different stakeholders the company considers, either company employees (stock sector, audit, HR, etc.) or external customers through predefined distribution lists or entered emails in the forms.


Each customer can generate as many reports as they need, in a dynamic way that follows different campaigns and processes evolution.


How can the Report Designer functionality be applied?


This functionality can be managed and used by any company with OfficeTrack access. This special feature improves our current customers processes and of course provides comprehensive solutions for future opportunities. 


A company’s operation with field employees (Technicians, Commercial, Auditors, Engineers, Messengers, Logistics, among others), for example, can work with OfficeTrack simultaneously and, thanks to the “Report Designer” module, can define a different Report for each process, according to specific design. That is to say, all employees working with OfficeTrack, in the specific operation area have the support to capture associated information in its process and even with different end customer special Report Designed. 


This functionality improves one hundred percent (100%) customer operation and complements field services, because normally all companies have a high administrative work to create and send manual reports to their customers. Therefore, the “Report Designer” adapts very well to any operation minimizing processes, saving precious operation time, carrying them out simultaneously and with Online customized reports. 


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