Optimize your system’s response times integrating it with Officetrack


Officetrack, is a software solution allowing permanent information flow between employees in the field and the company operations base, through an App (Mobile User) and a WEB platform (Administrative User).


To empower customers’ automatic operation processes and efficient implementation, we developed a very wide and versatile API, which covers many use cases, from many different platforms.



What is an API?


An API is an Application Programming Interface. They are the different channels that mediate communication between different systems or platforms. APIs can be considered as interpreters, so the systems that speak different languages can interconnect.


Our API is public, and allows those companies we work with to know the different methods and channels available to exchange information in an automatic and agile way.



How does the OfficeTrack API work?


When it’s time to integrate with our clients, our extensive and proven API comes into action, which allows us to interact with hundreds of different systems, such as SAP, Remedy, Dynamics, HP, Amdocs, etc. In such a way that the information coming from the client’s ERP can be incorporated by OfficeTrack, and travel, in an orderly and intelligent way to the cell phones of the personnel in the field.


In the field, they can collect the data execution evidence of their tasks and send it to our servers, so the return path is made, updating the ERP, CRM, TMS, WMS, and other systems currently used in their daily operations.


Our API allows methods ranging from importing excel files manually, to automatic interconnection via SFTP or web service, so that coupling the client’s systems to OfficeTrack, and operation leveraging with our App is very fast and efficient.



How will your company benefit from the OfficeTrack API?


Because OfficeTrack has a wide and flexible API, the system can be easily integrated with your different software in use. So the information only has to be uploaded once, in one of the systems, and it will go through the different softwares in use, replicating itself in all the environments where it is necessary to be used. It does not matter if it is for your own personnel/outsourced staff/clients, if it is on desktops/phones/websites. Nor does it matter where the information was uploaded from, because the different systems can “talk” to each other, even if they use different languages internally to operate.


Please consult with our Executive Account Manager for the best approach with the OfficeTrack API !

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