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Organice su flota con los formularios de OfficeTrack y consiga más control y eficiencia
Las empresas con procesos de entrega bien establecidos están más inclinadas a necesitar un mayor control sobre todo el flujo de trabajo en tiempo real.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, third-party delivery services are becoming stronger in areas such as gastronomy, construction, logistics, among others. They need forms.

However, what has represented a good opportunity for companies to expand the way they deliver their products or services, now has several disadvantages. For example, not being able to monitor the state in which packages are delivered or lost without much information about what happened.

For this reason, field service companies need greater control over the entire workflow in real time. Lack of accurate information available at the right time when, for example, trying to resolve common errors, could mean lost customers and also lost money.

OfficeTrack is an excellent workforce software that companies can implement in delivery processes. To-dos can be displayed step-by-step and customized in different ways to ensure safe delivery.

Optimize your business management with OfficeTrack

Through the OfficeTrack application, delivery tasks can be assigned to a field employee through an optimization process, which allows the manager to define which is the most convenient resource to use according to the area, vehicle space, number of tasks, etc. In other words, with OfficeTrack, you can differentiate your company from the competition by substantially increasing the quality and speed of service delivery.

Once the task is assigned to the ideal resource, the field employee can be asked to indicate the current status of the delivery by making use of the different step options that the application can offer. For example; “En route”, “Unloading”, “At destination”, “Delivered”, among others. Thus bringing greater transparency to the whole process.

In addition, OfficeTrack has a module that notifies the recipient of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the order. When your resource arrives in a given area, a text message is sent to the recipient informing them approximately when the responsible party will arrive. In addition, a photograph, specific data and even a map can be included so that the end customer can track the delivery in real time. It therefore helps to increase your customers’ confidence in your services.

One possible use could be to customize a task in a certain way so that the assigned resource can notify its closure only if it has reached the final destination. This is a perfect feature to ensure successful delivery.

However, the benefits don’t end there.

Thanks to OfficeTrack’s intelligent dynamic forms, your company can request actual proof from the field employee. Examples include photographs of the package, the recipient’s digital signature, an ID scan, among other resources that can be used as a backup to indicate that the delivery will be completed in a timely manner. In addition, remarks and other field data can also be added to the forms, which could be useful in cases where a delivery has not been completed.

With OfficeTrack, your company will be able to improve KPIs such as delivery times, real-time field staff supervision, number of missed deliveries with their reasons, prevent delivery errors, emphasize any part of the process with its geolocation, increased efficiency, customer service transparency and reports tailored to your company’s work structure.

The best part? The system can be adapted to different CRM, TMS, ERP, Power BI, that your company uses, and is also available for desktop and smartphones.

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