Organize your workforce fleet to gain more control and efficiency with OfficeTrack forms


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery services performed by third parties are growing stronger in areas such as gastronomy, construction, logistics, among others.


However, what has represented a good opportunity for companies to expand how they provide their products or services, now has several disadvantages. For example, not being able to supervise the state in which packages are delivered or they get lost with not much information about what happened.


For this reason, companies with well-established delivery processes are more inclined to need greater control over the entire workflow in real-time. The lack of accurate information available at the right time when, for instance, trying to solve common mistakes, could consequently mean losing clients and also money.


OfficeTrack is an excellent digital software which companies can implement in delivery processes. Pending tasks are shown step by step and they can be customized in different ways to ensure a safe delivery.


Optimize your business management with OfficeTrack


Through the OfficeTrack app, delivery tasks can be assigned to a field employee through an optimization process, which allows the manager to define which is the most convenient resource to use depending on the area, vehicle space, number of tasks, etc. In other words, with OfficeTrack, you can set your company apart from the competition through a substantial increase in service delivery quality and speed.


Once the task is assigned to the ideal resource, the field employee can be asked to indicate the current delivery status by making use of the different step options the app can offer. For example; “On the route”, “Downloading”, “At the destination”, “Delivered”, among others. Thus bringing greater transparency of the entire process.


Furthermore, OfficeTrack has a module that notifies the recipient of the order’s estimated time of arrival (ETA). When your resource arrives at a certain area, a text message is sent to the recipient informing approximately when will the person in charge arrive. Also, a photograph, specific data, and even a map can be included so the end customer can track the delivery in real-time. Therefore helping to increase your customer’s trust in your services.


A possible use could be to customize a task in a certain way so that the assigned resource can notify its closure only if it has arrived at the final destination. It is a perfect feature to ensure a successful delivery.


However, the benefits do not stop here.


Thanks to OfficeTrack’s smart dynamic forms, your company will be able to request actual proof from the field employee. A few examples are photographs of the package, the receiver’s digital signature, an ID scan, among other resources which can be used as backup to indicate that the delivery was completed in due time and manner. Moreover, observations and other field data can be added to the forms as well, which could be useful in cases where a delivery has not been completed.


With OfficeTrack, your company will be able to improve KPIs like delivery times, field workforce supervision in real time, number of deliveries not made with their reasons, prevent delivery mistakes, emphasise any part of the process with its geolocation, efficiency increase, customer service transparency, and reports tailored to your business’ work structure.


The best part? The system can be adapted to different CRM, TMS, ERP, Power BI, that your company uses, and is also available for desktop and smartphones.

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