Paperless work environment Transformation with OfficeTrack


OfficeTrack solution help business to convert to a paperless work environment

A considerable reduction in logistics costs and the positive impact on the environment are two of the main reasons many businesses worldwide are opting to go paperless on their day-to-day operations. Office Track forms for mobile devices help digitize information in order to achieve this, optimizing processes and becoming an excellent ally for companies from different sectors.


On top of optimizing their operations, managers and directors are focusing on reducing businesses’ environmental footprint, so paperless operations can be the solution to achieve this goal. In the following lines, we’ll see how Office Track forms can help them along the way.


Benefits of paperless operations

Reducing costs and minimizing times is the motto of any efficient company. Reducing paper usage on daily tasks is an excellent way to achieve these goals, but the benefits go beyond that.


In principle, the reduction in paper usage has a direct impact on any business’ cost-cutting. Saving money is palpable from the very beginning, which is closely linked to printing, printers’ maintenance, administration, the time staff spend transcribing and digitizing information gathered, archiving it and storing documentation, which involves physical storage.


Businesses look to access information in a quicker and more reliable way and paperless operations are key in this process. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the moment or place, employees will always have access to the information they need through stored information in the cloud, which they will be able to securely and immediately access with a username and password.


Last but not least, the decrease in the use of paper reduces your business’ environmental impact considerably, as it prevents indiscriminate logging and consequently reduces carbon dioxide emissions.


Business can go paperless with Office Track

Office Track forms for mobile devices help optimize processes by digitizing information, allowing employees to access it anywhere and at any time. This way, businesses manage to considerably reduce the use of paper, saving both money and time.


Information gathered on-site by employees is sent through these forms to administrative users, reducing the response time between both. This translates into work teams’ greater efficiency and productivity.


These forms can easily be created and personalized by admin users without the need to rely on IT specialists. This way, it’s possible to create forms and adapt them to the specific needs of any business. Additionally, information security is guaranteed as it’s possible to add fields for digital signatures.


It’s important to point out Office Track’s smart and dynamic forms allow on-site employees to have the information they need at hand in order to carry out different tasks (audits, maintenance, deliveries, etc.). and to quickly and easily keep record of all the field data.


This is possible because dynamic forms can be personalized for each individual task, and they can also be defined with specific checks such as drop-down lists, combo checklists, web services’ calls, photo records, digital signatures, barcode scanning, etc.


They are designed so employees don’t waste time collecting data on-site and so they can reliably record information, with solid evidence and easy to categorize in order to create statistical reports reflected in reliable KPIs.


Office Track cell phone forms’ features

Office Track forms for mobile devices allow a substantial improvement in the processes, offer more accurate information and make considerable savings on operating costs possible.


-Accessing information in real time is easier from the moment the data is stored.
-Forms can be personalized and adapted to any task within the organization.
-They can easily be integrated into your business’ internal systems.
-The updating process is really simple and can be done any time.
-They allow report generation for a thorough analysis of data.


It’s time to create a new paperless working environment in the office

Although the transition to a paperless office doesn’t happen overnight, today is a good time to begin. Reducing the use of paper in your business will help improve working processes, as this will save both time and space.

Office track cell phone forms can help you increase your business’ profitability and transform it into an environmentally friendly organization at the same time.

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