Booking and Optimization

OfficeTrack’s planning module allows route optimization to improve scheduling of field tasks and determine best available routes (based on task list’s expected arrival window; available resources; travel time; distance between jobs and more).

OfficeTrack’s planning module helps managers overcome the challenge of reducing overhead costs of the operation and perform gap analysis between planned and performed activities. This leads to a better understanding and improvement of resource balancing, transportation costs and overall performance.

OfficeTrack also offers booking and self-booking appointment scheduling to allow end customers to choose a preferable time slot, change or cancel an appointment at any time, from anywhere.

OfficeTrack’s booking availability check is based on the field operation schedule, skill required, priority of work area and more.

Main Features

Geographical distance

Geographical distance to end customers’ locations.

Time slots

Time slots provided by end customers.

Service time

Expected duration of service time.


Resources required for skill sets.

Variable costs

Capital and variable costs of resources.


Capacity of vehicles.

Optimize routes

Field workers can optimize their routes and tasks based on actual conditions.

Key Benefits

Time Saving

Major saving of time, expenses and resources.

Work efficiency

Improved field work efficiency.

Optimal resource usage

Optimal utilization of resources.

Work planning

Improved long term work planning.

Customer autonomy

Increased customer autonomy and satisfaction.

Digital process

Create a digital process.

Operating costs

Reduce operating costs.

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