OfficeTrack provides solutions for companies operating security personnel in the field.

These organizations’ field forces are posted in multiple locations. Security personnel start and finish their shifts onsite, out of the office. Throughout their shift, security personnel may be required to move between locations.

Managers and dispatchers at headquarters need to verify their security personnel are present at the required locations – from start, duration to end of shift. Managers need to monitor and control all processes to ensure their security tasks are performed in the most effective and efficient manner.

Product Benefits

Digital streamlining

Streamlined digital transfer of data and information between manager and security personnel in the field.

Effective command and control

Effective command and control capabilities for the organization.

Reduce human error

Paperwork replaced by online work reduces human error and enables considerable savings in overhead and human resources

Information accuracy

Improved information accuracy, relevancy and availability.

Managerial tools

Managerial tools for measuring security personnel efficiency.

Unified work practices

More unified work practices – security personnel adhere to predefined organizational procedures.

Intuitive tools

Improved intuitive tools for security personnel to perform all tasks related to reporting.

SAAS not required

A SAAS cloud-based service with no hardware required.

Implementation of the OfficeTrack Solution

Security personnel real-time

View all locations of security personnel in real-time locations from the dashboard map (on PC and mobile devices).

Security personnel attendance reports

View all security personnel attendance reports, including their location at the time of the report.

Security personnel locations on a map

View security personnel locations on a map relative to their designated locations and predefined points of interest (POI), such as customer sites and personal residences, as well as geographical zones, such as assigned work areas.

Receive alerts

Receive alerts (via email, SMS, the dashboard and more) regarding predefined cases, such as security personnel exiting or entering a particular POI or area.

Managerial reports

Retrieve managerial reports and graphs on attendance, locations, times and duration of shift

Record of locations

Maintain a record of locations for the past three months.

Shift’s start and end times.

Report attendance at start and finish of the shift.

Location Report

Report location of security personnel from designated locations throughout their shift.

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