ALTEK, a Colombian Success Case with OfficeTrack


ALTEK INGENIERÍA is a Colombian company committed to innovation, quality and sustainability, offering services and technologies to customers in the industrial, automotive and transportation sectors with a comprehensive approach, combining advanced technology, standardized methods and data analysis.


ALTEK INGENIERÍA is committed to doing things better and better, building an organizational culture characterized by the constant search for excellence in its employees, processes, products and services. 


Some months ago before knowing OfficeTrack, they developed the operation with digital formats stored in the cloud. However, the biggest difficulty in time was to prepare the reports to support their customers based on the operational work performed. Once they got to know and implement OfficeTrack these times were drastically reduced, because through the OfficeTrack app, each employee immediately reports the result and processes each maintenance performed. Moreover, thanks to the Report Designer every report is sent directly by email to each end customer. This process, in addition to reducing time, also favors the administrative processes in terms of data analysis and even at a financial level. 


Today, after several months working and implementing OfficeTrack, they continue with their quality policy, promoting at all organization levels the disposition towards continuous improvement, in order to offer increasingly effective and efficient solutions to their customers and other interested parties.


Its quality commitment includes the identification and risk management associated with the development of its corporate purpose, always applying the highest industrial safety standards  and environmental protection.They are aware of their role and contribution to society.  Taking this into consideration, all its operations are developed under the principle of sustainability as a fundamental characteristic for the construction of a better world.


Why did Altek choose OfficeTrack? 


Because it guarantees a comprehensive and flexible workforce management solution that has been proven in more than 800 industries for more than a decade in different countries.


It also allows them to optimize time and resources in their field activities through the digitalized administration of the different maintenance activities, with mobile forms, all detailed information captured, notification and interaction with their end customers.


Thanks to OfficeTrack  forms, OfficeTrack’s app allows users to capture many kinds of images and operation information in a flexible way, which is transferred Online to their operations center. This ensures they improve their processes, increasing productivity and effectiveness in each business unit, in addition to the drastic reduction time at the administrative level.


How could Altek accomplish this so quickly? 


This was achieved because OfficeTrack is a cross-platform mobile application hosted in the cloud with different integration possibilities, which makes it easy to customize the options for each client. Of course in this specific case, the biggest advantages were the Digital forms and the Report Designer. This guaranteed Altek fast and secure implementation for the entire operation.


Some advantages generated with the implementation of OfficeTrack are: 

  • Scheduling and maintenance schedules agreed with customers.
  • Assigning, according to the location of their technicians, We can monitor each Service (Task) progress in real time. 
  • Data management and analysis by sites, technicians and customers.
  • Digitalizing the forms managed by their technicians, capturing important information in each maintenance working in the field.
  • Performing technical reports digitalization for internal operation, analysis and reporting.
  • Immediate delivery customers reports or work performed by technician field .
  • Control operation field, involves measuring the man-hours worked by their technicians in each business unit, site, client, among others. This allows them to increase efficiency and optimize their costs.


Just like Altek, your company should be the next success story! Thanks to OfficeTrack’s customized platform, your company will be able to optimize processes maximizing profits with higher quality and customer satisfaction.


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