Discover how Coorserpark uses OfficeTrack in their daily activities


Discover how Coorserpark uses OfficeTrack in their daily activities


With more than 22 years, COORSERPARK S.A.S. is a company that seeks to help you with the loss of a loved one. They have a competent and qualified humane team that seeks the benefit of customers, the partners development, workers, suppliers and the community in general.


They help and support families through their grieving process, calmly facing their new life and their future.


COORSERPARK S.A.S is positioned in the national market as a leader in the Funeral Pension Plans sales. Being highly qualified, with clients satisfied by their service quality, financial strength and commitment to the ethical and professional principles of its humane team.


Business Challenge


Coorserpark needed a software solution to optimize the commercial process of its employees on the street, in order to improve control and increase market penetration day by day and thus achieve permanent leadership in the  Funeral Pension Plans sales. They were looking for a software tool that would allow them to make immediate decisions according to the operation and daily results.


Implementing OfficeTrack


Coorserpark decided to implement OfficeTrack as its control software for collaborators in the field due to the easy management and set up. Thanks to the OfficeTrack use, Coorserpark has absolute control of the entire operation, knows results in real time and takes the pertinent decisions in case of failure. In other words, with OfficeTrack they can optimize the business process and increase market penetration day by day.


This means that each sales force employee is registered in the administrative platform under the management profile and it is from their cell phone that they report each and every one of the activities carried out commercially, which includes the collection processes for the monthly funeral forecast plans.


This operation has been in progress since 2014 and makes Coorserpark a commercial benchmark for OfficeTrack usage in Colombia. Today they manage more than 300 collaborators in the field, carrying out commercial and collection tasks every day.


Over time, both the software and the commercial operation itself have evolved. As a result, Coorserpark has also advanced and automated commercial work much more. A few years ago, the Call Center implemented the collaborators scheduling, this means profiles were managed in OfficeTrack for the Call Center agents and from a friendly platform another commercial source visits would be added. All this was done in order to continue being the leaders in their sector.


The reports in OfficeTrack allow each Manager to take actions and make decisions in the team and thus maintain daily, weekly and monthly production. The initial objectives with the software have been fulfilled from the first moment. In its day to day Coorserpark has the ability to make changes to OfficeTrack’s settings and even add new flows and/or required information screenshots. This occurs, thanks to the information transferred and permanent training from Officecore.


For each employee in the field, OfficeTrack is the main tool for work and report production. This makes Coorserpark a benchmark in the commercial field at a national level.

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