Distribuciones HYH expand commercial/ technical business using OfficeTrack




The OfficeTrack solution for field work in Agricultural projects for the supplies sector was successfully implemented in DISTRIBUCIONES HYH, a group of CORTEVA COLOMBIA distributors for commercial and technical development in rural areas and farms.




DISTRIBUCIONES HERNÁNDEZ Y HERNÁNDEZ is a Colombian company founded in 1988, a leader in the commercialization of supplies for the agricultural and livestock sector. It has over 40 years of experience working in the Colombian countryside in the regions of Córdoba, Sucre and Sur de Bolíva. The main goal is to provide the Colombian market with products with innovative technologies, supported by scientific research, in order to achieve successful solutions to production problems on farms and thus contribute to the sustainability and profitability of the livestock farming company. Distribuciones HYH selected OfficeTrack to automate the planning and management of its workforce in the field for the commercial and technical areas.




The services offered vary from diagnosis and recommendations for weed control in pastures, phytosanitary control of various crops, monitoring of field applications, review and calibration of fumigation equipment, training of collaborators for the correct application of agrochemicals and training of warehouse stands in different locations in Colombia.


Business Challenge


Distribuciones HYH needed an automated solution to optimize the process of assigning jobs to technicians and sales representatives who carry out the work in the field. This would improve the time spent on each activity or service ticket and thus reduce time, costs and would also allow immediate information at the close of each event by field service collaborators, to optimize decision-making.


Why OfficeTrack?


Distribuciones HYH selected OfficeTrack WFM solution due to its success with other companies in various sectors, and the scope of its scalable and flexible platform, which allows, for example:


  • Management to upload daily tasks / activities so the field workforce can access information in real time in order to see the complete tracking of all activities and thus improve customer service.
  • Modules such as task management and the workflow process, resource scheduling, points of interest, technical staff assistance, and processing of information presented in reports.


Results obtained with the OfficeTrack solution

  • Efficiency gained in planning the team’s workload while increasing customer satisfaction through the processes optimization.
  • Large amounts of information collected on the status and updates the tasks or tickets assigned to each collaborator who attended a site.
  • Field Employees now receive their tasks on the mobile device, who (depending on the different situations) may accept or reject it.
  • Distribuciones HYH registers and receives customized, summarized and ordered reports of different types of forms that they handle, according to the configuration made through the Design Report module.


As a fully integrated field workforce solution, OfficeTrack enabled administrative and operational efficiencies, providing better customer service, detailed reporting capabilities, and reduced time and cost losses.


Currently, work is being done to implement it in different areas in order to further optimize the management of field services and decision-making.


Customer Video Testimony:



Jimenez, Quality Coordinator

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