Success Case – Dolse improve field staff management with OfficeTrack


“OfficeTrack mobile app practically helped to put an end to complaints and to expand the company’s geographical operation area.”


Working remotely and away from the boss’ eyes became common and this relationship was already present for a long time in the daily life of companies that have external teams.


In 2018, according to IBGE, 3.8 million Brazilians worked outside company facilities. However, up until mid-2020, many still lacked the protocols and software to manage remote work.


Dolse, a company having provided emergency care services for the monitored alarm industry for almost 30 years, has many examples of how difficult it can be to control what happens outside your business.


Operating in Brazilian regions like Campinas, Campos do Jordão, Araras, Birigui, Araçatuba, Lins, Valinhos, Indaiatuba and Ribeirão Preto, it has 21 external units and 35 employees.


Their equipment is activated every time an alarm sounds in a home, business or office within their geographic operation area. Field agents must attend the site, provide security support, photograph, and submit a complete report to the alarm centers.


“After receiving user complaints through alarm companies, we discovered that certain employees simply did not show up for inspection or were too late; regulation time is 30 minutes after the alarm is triggered. To hide the misconduct, some altered what time it was on their cell phones, others used stored old gallery photos to complete the reports and show they were in place, when in fact, they were not”, reported André Fernandes, managing director of Dolse


In addition to absences and delays, Fernandes explains that there were other issues that kept him awake: vehicle use, fuel, mileage, and even uniforms. “How was our fleet being used? Where and who was actually driving the vehicles? How were the agents presenting themselves to the end customer? ” These were the questions Fernandes and the team were faced with and still had no answer for.


All field control activities depended on an Excel report completed by the agent himself. “To give you an idea, we only knew the emergency employee department had not been to the place when the client made a report in the alarm center. That was very bad”, he recalls.


“When we learned about OfficeTrack, we realized the automation and process control it offered was exactly what we needed, and we decided to embrace it throughout our operation”, he said.


Thanks to the OfficeTrack mobile app, Dolse has implemented an important digital transformation, automating all the inspection and management of external resources.


“OfficeTrack solved 90% of our operational problems. The return on investment is given by the control I have over the operation. Now I sleep peacefully ”, celebrated Fernandes.


He reveals that this automation positively impacted business. “It was for this reason that our clients entrusted us with other cities to serve. The improvements were remarkable ”.


“With the help of 3CON, the whole process was very well designed. Every time one of our employees opens the OfficeTrack app and begins to complete the report, the date and time registration is done automatically and cannot be changed. Another precaution we took was also to put date and time on the photos so that photos of past events were not used. We have been binding the report in such a way that there are no more frauds or complaints ”, celebrated Fernandes.


But Dolse look for more… With OfficeTrack solution to reduce costs, better manage expenses and prepare the company to expand, the expectation is to grow 10% from next year.

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