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TEN is the fifth largest fuel company in Israel. Its main line of business is the construction and operation of service stations and drugstores. Its daily work is focused on providing excellent service, distributor mobile refueling services to a wide range of engineering and transportation companies across the country, requiring 24/7 gas refills. It has more than 68 service stations and more than 29 drug stores throughout the country. All this is possible thanks to the more than 550 employees who work every day for this great company.


TEN has successfully implemented OfficeTrack solutions to improve and manage the communication between its employees, drivers, and control centers.


The solution OfficeTrack solutions help TEN to track who is part of the work circuit and their actions.


TEN’ customer Due to the ongoing orders of its end customer using OfficeTrack allows TEN’s drivers to add Daily hundreds of refueling orders are automatically created on the OfficeTack platform it is assigned and sent to the assigned resource via the OfficeTrack Mobile app.


At the end of each day, the system provides a summary report that helps control, measure, and digitize the process of demande refueling supply.


The tank refueling controller digitally transmits information about the location, the number of liters, and the log of the tools to the OfficeTrack system, by integration, automatically.


The app on the driver’s cell phone automatically generates a fuel emission certificate that the BackOffice can show and sign, and then send to the customer.


The implementation of this system included the use of refueling reports and reports on the fuel inventory system in TEN to improve control and prevent depreciation.


Boaz Bogin, Information Systems Manager at TEN, said:
“The digital transition to using an app which is directly connected to the tanker’s fuel computer system and produces an automatic refueling certificate, speeds the work of drivers in the field and improves the organizational controls of the company “.


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