HTE group successfully implement OfficeTrack solution

HTE group successfully implement OfficeTrack solution


HTE has been providing services in the Telecom area for several years. They currently have different business units: Automation and Control, Engineering, Access Control, Innovation and mainly Antenna Management.

The HTE group is made up of a specialized professionals team committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and business partners in Paraguay territory.


Telecom Area


Telecom today has taken on a preponderant role in people’s lives. Given the change in habits that we are facing, it is essential to offer innovative, flexible and adaptable projects to requirements for most varied scope.

In this area, the HTE group performs the antennas audit and maintenance, and turnkey site installations. It works with the most important Telecom companies in Paraguay: Tigo, Ericsson and Personal, among others.

As a company dedicated to engineering, HTE helps its clients in multiple areas. Their intention is to be an All in One company, where they carry out Telecom, Works, IOT tasks, and the different needs that their clients may have.

Their operation is based in Asunción del Paraguay, and they cover a large part of the country. HTE aims to reach projects that cover not only Paraguay but also the region.


Business Challenge


The main services HTE provides are projects where clients require a report or final documentation with each Task information carried out.

Prior to OfficeTrack, reports were filled out in spreadsheets and photos were taken separately, which were then manually attached to an Excel file. It was necessary to wait for the crews to return from field work to see the information collected, and to be able to approve it. The project could have its report ready 2 or 3 weeks after completion. This report was sent to the client many weeks late.

HTE needed a solution to optimize the reporting process in order to increase the number of projects and improve the delivery time of documentation to the client. It was also sought to have complete information at the end of each job so that it was not necessary to make corrections or review the report by field work collaborators.


Why OfficeTrack?


HTE evaluated different solutions before choosing OfficeTrack. In their search for software that met their requirements, they found that no other software suited their needs. HTE was looking for an app that not only monitored and controlled the crew, but that also generated online documentation with custom reports.

OfficeTrack is a flexible, friendly tool that adapts to the different needs, from the most complex to the simplest, that support all services offered by HTE.

OfficeTrack allows you to tailor each form to each project, which is essential for crews to know what information to collect for each client.


Results obtained with the OfficeTrack solution

  • They gained efficiency in the Backoffice. It was possible to reduce the number of personnel assigned to the Backoffice and relocate them to other areas.
  • They increased the number of projects without increasing the staffing assigned to Backoffice. The staff should only deal with the coordination since the reports are made with the OfficeTrack App.
  • Notable savings in human resources and optimization of supervisors’ time.
  • Currently, all the company’s own crews are already using OfficeTrack in the Telecom division. Work to promote external crews to start using the OfficeTrack App.
  • They are also incorporating OfficeTrack in the Engineering division, which has civil works projects, the logistics area and the renewable energy area that recently closed with an important partner in the region for 2022.


“OfficeTrack is a very flexible software, and it adapts to our operation, since we have very complex services and other very simple ones. Other tools are very strict and only cover part of our needs, as well as being more expensive.”

Fernando Duarte Portillo – Technical Management

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