Learn how MTY changes phase using OfficeTrack!


Learn how MTY changes phase using OfficeTrack!


The OfficeTrack solution for field services regarding construction, engineering and maintenance projects was successfully implemented at MTY in projects located in Rozo, Jamundí, Palmira and Neiva – Colombia. MTY selected OfficeTrack as a software tool to automate the planning and management for their field workforce across all their projects.


About MTY


MTY is a leading company in the electrical, electronic and civil engineering, architecture and maintenance industries, located in the city of Cali, Colombia with more than 27 years experience in the market. MTY is a specialist in electrical distribution networks, low, medium and high voltage lines, residential and commercial electrical installations, and construction technicians. Its main services are electrical network design, engineering projects, maintenance, architecture, civil works and consultancies.


The Business Challenge


MTY needed a software solution to automate the process of assigning jobs to technicians who perform field services, in order to decrease the time spent on each activity or service order. Thus reducing time, costs and also having immediate information at the closing of each event carried out by fieldwork collaborators, to optimize decision-making.


Also, they were looking for traceability and transparency when it came to requisition or request for work, compliance with schedules, working days and exact technician’s location, something that was not happening in the operation because everything was handled with paper formats.


Why OfficeTrack?


MTY selected the OfficeTrack WFM solution due to its success with other companies in different industries which require control and monitoring the field workforce. This allows them to work with a scalable and flexible platform, which enables, for example:


  • The management uploads daily tasks / activities so the field team can access information in real time in order to see all complete activities tracking and thus provide a better service for the customer.
  • Modules such as task management and the workflow process, resource scheduling, points of interest, technical staff assistance, and processing of information presented in reports.
  • Alerts, video, images and follow-up information as part of its maintenance and construction service functionalities, among others.


Results Obtained with OfficeTrack Solution


  • Collaborators now receive tasks on their mobile devices. They may choose to accept or reject the task depending on the different situations that may arise at the moment.
  • Improvement in the operation productivity and profitable economy for the company.
  • transparency and organization for field technicians services.
  • Improved communication between engineers and technicians.
  • Reduct stationery expenses in the operation
  • Reduce overload work for the employees who were dedicated to typing and creating reports


As a fully integrated field workforce solution, OfficeTrack enabled administrative and operational efficiencies, providing better customer service, detailed reporting capabilities, and reduced time and cost losses.

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