Success case – Americatel Peru and OfficeTrack: A business productivity evolution

Is a Telecom and information technology company of Entel Group, which started operating in Peru in 2002 and started a real revolution in the long distance sector with the release of the code 19-77. Among the products offered are long distance service, Internet Services, Fixed Telephony, Data Transmission, NGN. housing, hosting Cloud Computing and IT services on demand. Its main commitment is to provide integral telecommunications solutions, efficient and innovative information technologies, adding value to their clients with excellence in quality of service.


Within the local Entel Peru network, with coverage throughout Lima, the national network Americatel, which covers the 24 departments of Peru. The internet service is an important product within the product portfolio and within it the process of installing internet at home it has a great relevance for the service that they provide to their clients. However, this process took a long time, without control of the process traceability and an approximate time for each installation order. In addition, there was no certainty of the work that the technician had done, much less on the quality of service or if the installation had been correct or not. Also, there was a lack of organization regarding the scheduling of tasks for each installation order. That is why, Entel Peru seeks a solution, where OfficeTrack presents its benefits and solutions to all these problems.


In order to provide a better service to their customers by improving the quality of service and reducing the waiting time it took to complete an installation, Entel Peru found in OfficeTrack the right tool to modernize this management. After implementing our mobile solution, the company detected that the satisfaction of its customers with their service had increased by a considerable percentage, optimizing the time their field collaborators invest for each installation of a 7 or 10 days to 3 or 4 days . Likewise, the number of people needed in the back-office dedicated to scheduling appointments and assigning tasks to contractors is reduced.


By adopting OfficeTrack, Entel Peru replaced the entire lengthy process used for scheduling appointments for installation and assigning tasks to each contract with our mobile solution installed on the martphones of each technician. The advantages for Americatel go far beyond the reduction of costs, there was a great productivity gain, OfficeTrack has transformed all the delivery forms to electronic forms that can be filled with just a few clicks on the phone. For the company, the new application provided an evolution in all these aspects: task management, technical monitoring, point control, quality of the photos, monitoring of the service and the delivery of reports and customer satisfaction. This modernization will also impact the users of Entel Peru, who will benefit from better quality service. Currently, several WS integration and customized reports are being worked on


Entel Peru is in the process of using the tool, which means that technicians become increasingly familiar with the platform and report the different routes through the app. This allows a better planning of the activities, minimizing times and tours of the supervisors, achieving that there is a greater control of the activities at frequencies of visits in their clients.

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