Success Case – Axede and OfficeTrack: A complete and flexible solution for field work control

Success story Colombia Axede

Axede is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the Colombian market as Telecom communications and with more than 15 years in the development of customized softwares, offering integral solutions in the Information and Telecommunication sectors, becoming in an expert to deliver smart solutions to your customers.

The Business Challenge

Axede did not have the control of their dozens of technicians, did not have a control in the field operation that measured their productivity and the daily management of its technicians, in the same way there was no evidence of the daily tasks performed by them and the data captured, as well as the final result.

¿Why OfficeTrack?

OfficeTrack allows the delivery of information through the mobile device, capturing accurate information, optimizing each and every one of the company’s processes, improving the productivity and effectiveness of the technical area, allowing work plans to be developed easily and consequently allowing decisions to be made in the right moment according to the employee’s activity. Likewise giving more fast results to the End customer achieving great satisfaction.

Solution OfficeTrack

The location module is used providing wide online information of the exact location of each employee in real time, tracking the progress of each activities

The assignment of Service Order is automatically carried out according to technicians skills, having their Service Order status updated and giving a feedback in real time.

Officecore, Colombia

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