Success Case – Bigber: OfficeTrack is the solution to streamline information flow among its employees


Bigber S.R.L is a company dedicated to improve the efficiency of the fleet management. Among its activities, it performs car leasings, vehicle status audits, changes, repairs, and consultancy regarding al type of vehicular needs by the companies


Bigber S.R.L wanted to implement improvements for the flow of information with its customers. The need was to change what would be the manual form for inspections to a complete digitalization of the system. It is important for Bigber S.R.L to achieve reports instantly and an efficient follow-up of the tasks to be carried out each day, generating benefit in their daily tasks as well as those of their clients


OfficeTrack allows companies to provide dynamic and real-time information among employees activities in the field and in the central office, reporting different types of information to the different users who needs it and in a personalized manner.

 The results

The selection of OficeTrack was able to facilitate daily vehicular control of the company, organize the needs, facilitate the tracking of events and have all the resources located everytime. Among this benefit, the digitization of work, saves administration costs. Likewise, the information is presented to the final customer in a clear, prolix, and immediate manner, generating considerable advantages


“For Bigber S.R.L,  OfficeTrack resulted a very nice product. Our idea is to continue facilitating the daily work and in case new products appear, to be able to acquire them  for internal improvements and for the clients “

Juan Pablo Bertran

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