Success case – Biolab and OfficeTrack: An efficient and innovative solution for resource optimization


Biolab specialized in production and delivery of high purity solvents, reagents and formulations of production, laboratories and analytical departments across a range of different sectors including pharmaceutical, hospital, environmental, research, biotechnology industries and academic institutes.


OfficeCore has successfully implemented Officetrack cloud solution in Biolab to automate and improve the workflow of food, water, sanitation and quality control processes

BioLab inspections are using Officetrack reach form module to captuer data directly at the customer sites; such as hotels and hospital and sending it in real time to the laboratories for resarch and anaylsis . All forms are documents and digitziez to increase effecincy and reduce the time of each inspection


Officetrack allows form module with its vast capbilities to create different inspection form per client and line of business was very important for biolab decision. Field inspectors using his handheld device can easily fullfil their job and monitor results. Test results are being provided much faster for the end customer with higher accuracy level


The digital inspection reports capture, calculates and graphically presents the test score for the cleints to allow better anaylsis and faster results. The manager are able to use reports and measurments tool to provide high quality of service for each of their client.


The Officetrack system eliminates the need to manual work, digitize the process and dramatically increase the customer satisfaction level.

Merav Bruchim, HACCP department of Biolab:

“In Officetrack, we find the ideal solution for our needs, and the Officetrack application allows us to work efficiently, easily and innovatively. The implementation was a quick and obvious overall savings for the company in relation to installationand operation costs “

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