Success Case – Boxer Security achieves field work control with OfficeTrack


Boxer Security was born in 1993 with foundations purpose to private
surveillance services, anticipating and satisfying consistently the needs of
patrimony protection. Its mission is to efficiently attend the client's security
needs, delivering true solutions.


Boxer Security had no control or visibility of the work done by the supervisors
because the communication was made by telephone or paper. Supervisors
submitted daily paper reports. This meant a problem in times of delivery, because
they used to be slow in performing them. Neither was there a mechanism that
would corroborate what the supervisor indicated in his report. In addition to this
telephone coordinators were carried out and this information was generally not
registered, which generate losses of valuable information for the company.


Now with OfficeTrack, Boxer Security central can control the work performed
by supervisors providing real-time information. Supervisors, through forms, can
schedule assistance, schedule tasks, perform daily reports and submit them on
time, request uniform changes, and report emergencies by pressing a single key


The times attention required was improved, operating costs decrease, supervisors
perform better their work and there is greater interest and commitment of
employees who use the service.

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