Success Case – Brazil GEP and OfficeTrack: A fast low-cost solution to improve processes compliance

Textile industry and Clothing Company chooses Officetrack to implement order fulfillment and audit solution in its service providers.

Choice was the need to have a tool to monitor and audit the production process of its dozens of suppliers. With the courage to innovate and adapt to the legal requirements of the market, the customer opted for a quick deployment solution and low cost.


Like every start of work, the client sought in the market innovative solutions that could support the Compliance area, with the following restrictions: term and cost. The result of this research was the choice of 3CON Brazil Consulting and Officetrack, Workforce Management solution on mobile devices.


3CON has put its software factory team to define the business need together with the customer, implementation, testing and monitoring of Officetrack Pilot. It took little time until we came up with the definition of a system that met the customer need.


The system was developed using the Officetrack platform and allows suppliers to enter real-time status information for each stage of the order-making process. With this, the customer can check on-line the evolution of the stages of each request, performing the audit necessary to ensure compliance with legal and labor requirements by its suppliers.


As a result and benefits we can mention:

– Better order control with real-time audit tracing

– Optimization of the production compliance process

– Reduction of the risk of receiving fines for legal and labor violations

– Speed ​​and quality in order tracking

– Elimination of manual controls, performed by spreadsheet and paper

– As a cloud-contracted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system, it ensures fast deployment, simple operation, and low cost.

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