Success case – Cicsa and OfficeTrack: An automated solution for processes optimization


OfficeTrack Maintenance Planning and Security Services solutions were successfully
adopted by Cicsa from Grupo CARSO, which is a leading telecommunications company
in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, among others, with headquarters in Mexico.
CICSA chose OfficeTrack to automate the planning and administration of their
workforce for the maintenance area, external plant security; optical fiber, and
construction to name a few examples.



CICSA Peru SAC is part of Grupo Carso’s infrastructure and construction division in
Mexico, one of the largest industrial, commercial and service conglomerates in Latin
America. Their operations include telecommunication, petrochemicals, infrastructure,
access roads and residential projects.


Business Challenge

CICSA needed an automated solution to optimize task assigning processes for
maintenance technicians, external plant and construction workers, among others, in
order to improve each activity or service ticket management. Thus reducing time and
costs, and also acquiring updated information at the end of each event performed by the
workforce in the field to optimize decision-making.


Why OfficeTrack?

CICSA selected the OfficeTrack WFM solution due to its success with other
telecommunications companies and the scope of its scalable and flexible platform,
which allows for example:
● Daily tasks and activities load management so the workforce can access information
in real-time to apreciate a complete layout of all activities and, ultimately, lead to better
customer service.
● Modules such as; task management and workflow process, resource scheduling,
landmarks, technician assistance and data processing from comprehensive reports.
● Notifications, clock-stops, tracking images and follow up information as part of its
maintenance, construction and other service functions.


Results obtained with the OfficeTrack solution

– Efficiency improvements in team workload planning while, simultaneously, increasing
customer satisfaction through Help Desk optimization.
– They collected a large amount of information and task or ticket updates from each
worker who had operated on a site.
– Workers are now informed of their tasks on their smartphones and, provided by
different factors and circumstances, they can accept or reject the tasks given.
– CICSA compiles and receives customized, summarized and organized reports from
the different types of forms they manage (in accordance to the configuration stated in
the Report Design module.)

As a fully consolidated field workforce solution, OfficeTrack enabled management and
operational efficiency, through better customer service, detailed reporting abilities and
cost effectiveness.

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