Success case – Cotel and a successful solution for the control of field personnel together with OfficeTrack


Before using the tool, Cotel did not have a system that efficiently controlled the location of its technicians in the field. When operating in several cities, each of the supervisors had to monitor by telephone where the technicians were for their command and generate monthly reports of the companies had visited manually. When working in this way it was common that there were inconsistencies in the reports and little precision in the daily control.


OfficeTrack is a complete and flexible solution for field workforce management, offering online monitoring with real-time updates, managing and optimizing daily resource processes. Officetrack provides extensive online information such as location, alerts, progress of an activity among others, providing 360 ° operational visibility.


Through the module of points of interest (POIs), all clients and offices affiliated with the company were registered, including the basic data and exact location. Thanks to this data and through the assistance module, daily checks of all the technicians are generated, informing ‘the start’ of the work day and ‘the route’ they make until the end of the day. In addition, each of the supervisors have control of their work groups and assign tasks depending on their availability.


Cotel currently has a much more precise control of the real-time location of its technicians, as well the availability of each of them, giving information to their supervisors in charge to generate a much more optimal workflow, minimizing time and travel the technicians, achieving that from the Management there is a greater control of the activities and frequencies of visits to their clients, offering a precision with which it was previously counted. In addition, the generation of monthly reports has been optimized, automating the process by scheduling reports that are sent to thesupervisor’s emails at the end of the month.


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