Success Case – Discover how Logistic Point successfully implemented cloud-based OfficeTrack solution

OfficeCore has successfully implemented Officetrack cloud system to manage the
distribution and field reporting (POD) for Logisti Point Company.
Logistic Point Ltd. was established in 1991 and provides its customers with a supply chain service from
the Israeli port to the end customer home.


The company specializes in transportation, warehousing and distribution to business and private
customers in the sectors of food, electrical products, textiles, ceramics, paper products, toys and more.
The company operates from two major distribution centers near Ashdod port looking to control and
optimize distribution results.


Officetrack system interfaces with the enterprise reservation/ticket system so each driver receives on
Officetrack application installed in his mobile device, the route to be applied.
Through Officetrack application reports delivery / partial delivery / non-execution including the
possibility of scanning, signing by the customer and taking pictures.
Reports from Officetrack application in the field are presented online to the distribution manager into
Officetrack back office, and also reproduce and send from Officetrack, an electronic delivery certificate
with the customer signature.


Eyal Shaltiel, CEO of Logistic Point:
We enjoyed working with OfficeCore, we came across a business partner who is attentive to our needs
and provides an immediate and quick solution to all our comments. The finished product enables us to
provide our customers with good services, efficient and reliable in real time and immediately improves
their satisfaction.

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