Success Case – EFC Peru and a complete logistics process automation along with OfficeTrack


EFC is the leader managing supply industrial supplies for many Peruvian companies.

EFC meets the main companies in the mining, oil, energy and large engineering projects & construction sectors.

EFC Listen and understands the needs and processes of each customer to provide an efficient, flexible and reliable service that will allow supply management to focus on their strategic plans.

EFC provides industrial supplies in a series of lines for maintenance, repair and operations (MRO).

Today, after 45 years, EFC continues oriented continuous improvement, to provide an efficient and modern service that allows customers gain efficiencies and savings.

The Challenge

EFC logistics activity based on the application of Nextel (Today Entel) and sometimes in work assignments and orders by phone and printed for carriers. Such activities mistook quite OBE because it caused delays in delivery, reprocess orders and had small visibility of the problems associated with delivering or collecting a product using the application of nextel and also did not have modules to display with more details about all activities. Also the way of activity with this application originated delays in delivery, poor visibility on the real problems associated with the delivery process.

The Solution

OfficeTrack applying for carriers has allowed them to complete automation end-to-end logistical process. The assignment online tasks with attached forms, integrated with their IT systems to capture information in line with our modules Proof Of Delivery, have enabled management delivery times to each client as well as real-time reports

Now, with OfficeTrack, EFC has a real insight into their problems, and have all their information in real time.

The Results

As a result of this process, customers receive information online EFC how is the state of the service process. This has led to zero, the necessary paperwork for assignment of certain tasks and better visibility of field work, achieving an increase by 60% the number of tasks and achieved significant savings over 80% of their time care and operating costs.


“We are very grateful to Officetrack, its versatility and commitment to integration with us has been quite successful. In addition to having a personalized e-track, it is now a reality to manage information online, facilitating data analysis and making operational decisions.”

Anthony Bendezú

EFC Supervisor de Operación Logística LS


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