Success case – Gilat achieves a greater efficiency of activities execution thanks to OfficeTrack


Gilat was running a contest in order to find a mobile solution that met the high standards and requirements requested to be part of the Gilat project for the implementation of a new line of towers in the Huancavelica region, Peru. OfficeCore Peru was in charge of demonstrating the excellent result that OfficeTrack could give to this project, resulting as a winner. OfficeTrack has been successfully implemented and linked to the internal Gilat system. Thus, we provide our platform to collect information in the field of the multiple tasks designated for the maintenance of towers and equipment, geo locate with high precision the points where each collaborator of his strength in the field and subcontractor assigned to the project is located. It should be noted that since work areas are very remote places, most of the time employees use OfficeTrack offline. In addition, Gilat required a series of specialized detailed reports, which were requested for its development.


OfficeTrack is a complete and flexible solution for workforce management in the field, it aims to provide high quality service and optimal interaction with end customers. Based on intelligent planning and online monitoring, OfficeTrack improves the experience by providing real-time updates, managing tasks and work orders performed by the field collaborator, provides extensive online information such as location, alerts, progress of an activity among others, providing an operational visibility of 360 °.


OfficeTrack carried out a complete survey of all the information regarding the tasks and objectives of the Gilat project for Huancavelica, in accordance with this information gathering and its subsequent analysis, the Tasks module was implemented where each supervisor initially creates his own agenda of visits or tours to be made in the different assigned clients. Thus allowing the complete digitalization of the formats, veracity in the information and improvement in the opportunity of this, which allows them to make timely decisions. In addition, several reports were developed for them, tailored to their requirements. As well as, at the request of Gilat, automatic email delivery has been developed with information on reports or statistics for each subcontractor in order to measure compliance with them. Gilat, currently, uses a function that our platform provides that is the Clock stop, this is useful because the work points where tasks are assigned are very remote places and with non-optimal climatic conditions so that the collaborator can complete homework during hours. “The clock stops” allows the technician to pause the task, and then continue it whenever possible, that is, there is a complete record of incidents and breaks; as well as the preservation of the information of the assigned task and its status.


He is currently using the tool, OfficeTrack, without any inconvenience, receives reports and automatic emails, works full time with our platform. Gilat’s workforce and subcontractors have successfully acquainted themselves with the platform and report the different records, status and observations through the application. This allows a better planning of activities, minimizing times and routes. As a general result, Officetrack has facilitated the execution of activities in a more optimal and efficient way, resources will be optimized, operating costs will be reduced, the overall performance of employees and the end-customer compliance times will be improved.


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