Success case K9 adjusts to OfficeTrack use accomplishing excellent results


K9 Security is a company with more than 20 years of experience in private security, its main objective being the
quality of its service which is delivered to its clients, among of the main public entities and private companies in the
country such as multinationals, oil companies, social clubs, medical centers, shopping centers, hotels, corporate
buildings, media, educational centers, ports, among others.
The offices networks cover the cities of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Cartagena, and the departments of
Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, Boyacá and Caquetá.


K9 Security carried out its process of assigning activities or routes to the supervisors manually by telephone according
to the needs of the final client, who was daily in charge of reporting the events or according to the request of the
Operations Management and even to trial of the supervisor, where later the supervisor moved to the client to
execute and fulfill the assigned work, where to report their management, they filled in the physical formats according
to the work carried out, this generated delays in the response time in the actions of other areas involved, because
the company or the administration only had knowledge of these points until the supervisor will deliver the physical
documents that supported their work in the client.


OfficeTrack is a complete and flexible solution for workforce management in the field. Its objective is to provide high
quality service and optimal interaction with end customers. Based on intelligent planning and online monitoring,
OfficeTrack improves the experience by providing real-time updates, managing tasks and work orders performed by
the field collaborator, provides extensive online information such as location, alerts, progress of an activity among
others, providing a 360° operational visibility.


OfficeTrack carried out a complete survey of all the information regarding the processes that K9 Security was carrying
out manually with physical documents, in accordance with the gathered information and its subsequent analysis the
Task module was implemented where each supervisor initially creates its own agenda of visits or tours to be made in
the different assigned clients. Allowing the complete digitalization of the formats, veracity in the information and
improvement in the opportunity of this, which allows timely decision making.


K9 Security is in the process of use of the tool, which means that the Supervisors are increasingly acquainted with the
platform and report the different routes through the app. This allows a better planning of the activities, minimizing
times and routes of the supervisors, achieving from the Management of Operations there is a greater control of the
activities at frequencies of visits in their clients. When the tool is completely active and physical documents are left
aside, it will impact on the execution of activities in a more optimal and more efficient manner, resources will be
optimized, operational costs will be reduced, the overall performance of collaborators will improve, and compliance
time to the final client.


“The biggest advantage of the platform is that it is self-adjusting and we are currently in the process of immersion of
the staff to reach its 100% use”
Nixon Dallos, Gerencia de Operaciones, K9 Security.

Officecore SAS, Colombia



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