Success case – Learn how Compensar betters performance, efficiency and productivity by using OfficeTrack

Compensar is a company of health, tourism, recreation and house rental, with 30 years of compensations funds more complete in Bogota and Cundinamarca, which purpose is to provide wellness or people, families and companies.


The Business Challenge 

Compensar did not have a control system in activities such as:

– Delivery and collection of laboratory tests.

– Transport and delivery of food and hot food for schools in Bogota.

– Pick-up and delivery of children who are going to take the recreational vacation.

– Pick-up and delivery of people for Health transportation.

Why OfficeTrack?

Officetrack Platform can Integrate, Controls and manage processes, captures information online; Delivers data and information relevant to each process or task to Customer legacy system and tracks the different services and activities.

Solution OfficeTrack

Perform different controls like implementing schedule of tasks in massive form, georeferenced Compensar and his customer points of interest, capture and delivery of information in real time for the processes. All information back from officetrack will be used by Compensar legacy system to generate metrics and indicators in order to make decisions, plans for immediately action, into fast and effective way, as well the analysis of periodic information, improving performance, efficiency, staff productivity and their activities.

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