Success case – Learn how Edenor improved its invoice delivery management with OfficeTrack

The Company

Edenor SA, provides a distribution of electrical Service in Argentina. It has 3.000.000 customers, in a concession area of 4637 km2, for a 8.5 million of population users, covering a 20% of Market Share in Argentina.

The Needs

Edenor SA needed a technological solution to improve the registration and administration of the physical invoices delivery to it’s customers. This solution had to be able to generate proves that the invoices were correctly delivered, stating the date and geolocation of each single delivery.

Officetrack Solution

By using Officetrack, the distributors (postmen) can perform their regular delivery routes, while, in an automatic or manual process, their action is registered on their mobile devices
Consequently, Edenor staff can view online the exact location of each postmen, view their historical record of deliveries/positions and verify if the work was done correctly, adding as proves of delivery georeferenced pictures, signatures, etc.

On the other side, the postmen has a tool to report anomalous situations (as illegal cable connections, risky installation, etc.) through the use of different Forms evidencing the facts

Business Impact

Thanks to OfficeTrack solution, Edenor can improve the invoice delivery management, knowing online the status of each case. It allows Edenor to record in a digital way the information, saving Printer, Paper, Tonner costs, and a huge amount to organize and store the paper in boxes. It also helps Edenor to get the historic information faster, because it´s digitized and not in paper

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