Success Case – Oinsat


Oinsat is a Colombian company specialized in services and wholesale distribution of heating, ventilation and air conditioners.


It has three differentiated business units: Oinsat Services, Oinsat Distribution and Oinsat Rental.


In spite of being a leader in their market, Oinsat didn’t have an efficient, real-time management control system which allowed them to improve their productivity.


Processes were administered in paper forms, which prevented their automation for the evaluation and subsequent monitoring of the activities involved in the working day.


As a consequence, measuring productivity and efficiency became a big challenge.


However, thanks to its innovative spirit and values, Oinsat found the solution in OFFICETRACK.


This platform with state-of-the-art technology allowed Oinsat to completely transform the management of the company by transferring its operation to the digital world.


Why did Oinsat choose OFFICETRACK?


Because it guaranteed them a comprehensive and flexible management solution for their workforce, which has been tested in more than eight hundred industries for over a decade in different countries.


Moreover, it allowed them to optimize their tasks through the digitalized management of work orders, mobile forms, timesheet entries, and notification and interaction with their end customer.


Thanks to the fact that it can be used from a mobile phone, it allowed them to capture all kinds of field images and information accurately, which was then transferred in real time to their operations center. This ensured them an improvement of their processes, increasing productivity and effectiveness in every business unit.


Consequently, the execution of their works was fulfilled according to the established schedule, allowing decision-making to be made at the right time, thus giving greater customer satisfaction.


How could Oinsat achieve this so fast?


Because OFFICETRACK is a cloud-based multiplatform mobile app with interfaces to a server, all of which makes it easy to customize the options for each client.


This guaranteed Oinsat the fast and secure implementation of their whole operation.


 In a nutshell, OFFICETRACK was the expected solution so that Oinsat today can:

  • Have a two-way communication in real time with its workforce on the field.
  • Assign, according to the location of their technicians, tasks and monitor their progress in real time.
  • Digitalize the forms managed by their technicians, capturing important information in every work in progress.
  • Carry out the digitalization of the technical reports for their internal filing, analysis and reporting.
  • Carry out the measurement of the man hours consumed by their technicians in each business unit and sync them to the internal administrative systems. This allows them to be more efficient and to optimize their costs.


In the same way that Oinsat achieved their objectives, now it’s the time for your company to do the same.


Thanks to OFFICETRACK’s customized service, your company will be able to adjust its processes maximizing benefits with higher quality and customer satisfaction.

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