Success Case – Palomino Group manages to optimize the delivery process and field work control, thanks to the OfficeTrack service


Business group with experience in the transport of passengers, cargo and fuel. Grupo Palomino has a wide range of services such as transportation of personnel, logistics operations service throughout the Peruvian territory. Grupo Palomino is always paying attention to the requests of its clients, complying with punctuality, excellence and security every requirement. Grupo Palomino takes the comfort and tranquility of its customers as a priority. Grupo Palomino, after 20 years, continues to focus on providing an efficient service to its customers through the internal and external modernization of the company.



The logistic processes that are followed for each service provided by the Palomino Group,
consist of service orders or delivery orders which are assigned to the collaborator in the field, in
charge of transportation, through telephone calls. After the work was completed, a physical
form or checklist must done. There were errors in filling out forms, the losses of documents, the
lack of follow-up of reports and the imprecise location of their workers. Adding that, the
company did not have a sure answer that will give them the total certainty that the service was
performed correctly and the customers were satisfied. These were some of the faults for the
company to achieve its goal and a quality service.



The OfficeTrack application for the area responsible for logistics and cargo. OfficeTrack has
allowed a complete control, from the assignment of service orders to the end of the logistics
process. The online assignment of tasks with attached forms, integrated through the web
service internal system of the company, up to the capture of information online. The
OfficeTrack tools such as order status, real-time location, availability of collaborators has made
possible the management of delivery times to each client, as well as have reports immediately,
which includes reception signatures, photographs and delivery times, to be measured by the
control of the quality of service of the company.



Currently, thanks to Office Track, Palomino Group is able to detect faults throughout its process
to continue improving for the benefit of its customers, thanks to all the information that our
app brings them. Officetrack system interfaces with the enterprise reservation/ticket system
(integration by Web Service) so each driver receives on Officetrack application installed in his
mobile device, the route to be applied.


Through Officetrack application reports delivery / partial delivery / non-execution including the
possibility of scanning, signing by the customer and taking pictures. The service we provide to
Palomino Group has led to zero the paperwork necessary for services orders, the opportunity to
improve the quality of services in the field, also save time doing the service and to reduce
operating costs.


“OficceTrack is a tool which has optimized our cargo process, providing the information
quickly and improving our capacity control the whole process. Moreover, OfficeTrack
support us with the sales argument.”

Jose Cantelly, Gerente de Operaciones, Grupo Palomino



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