Success case – Pikango digitalized processes and optimized resources with OfficeTrack


Pikango performs its process of assigning activities or routes to assigned vehicles manually or by telephone according to the client’s need, so that the vehicle then moves to the client to execute and comply with the assigned route, without having greater control of time and location of the unit. The service file formats are physically managed, which limits the company with the necessary information in real time, from the moment the vehicle ends the workforce with the customer. This system generates delays in the response time in the actions of other areas involved, as well as the sending of reports requested by its customers.


OfficeTrack is a complete and flexible solution for workforce management in the field. Its objective is to provide high quality service and optimal interaction with end customers. Based on intelligent planning and online monitoring, OfficeTrack improves the experience by providing real-time updates, managing tasks and work orders performed by the field collaborator, provides extensive online information such as location, alerts, progress of an activity among others, providing a 360° operational visibility.


OfficeTrack made a complete “configure” of all the relevant information regarding the processes that Pikango performs manually with physical documents, according to all its processes and needs the Tasks module is implemented, integrated with its ERP, where each supervisor creates their own schedule of visits or recordings to be made in the different assigned clients. Thus allowing the complete digitalization of the formats, exactly to the client’s requirement, thus giving the veracity in the information, this allows them to make timely decisions.


Currently, Pikango is in the process of using the tool, since the beginning of its operations, additional modules and process automation functions have continued to be enabled. One of these is the sending of reports to their clients according to the type of task, this involves greater time efficiency. In addition, one of the characteristics of our solution is to provide the state in which each task is located, which allows full control of the operation. Another development that has benefited this company is the implementation of AVL, this means that the location systems of each registered unit are internally linked to our platform, this for better accuracy and security in the location. All this allows a better planning of the activities, minimizing times and routes, achieving that from the Operations Management there is a greater control of the activities at frequencies of visits in its clients. In addition to this, thanks to OfficeTrack, the company could improve resources, reduce operational costs and improve compliance times to the end customer.

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