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QB Andina S.A. ( is an Argentine company with more than 35 years of experience which executes several types of services related to field personnel.


It is a contractor company that carries out activities of meter reading, inspections, installations, inquiries, resolution of claims, surveys, auditing and postal distribution for different government entities and private companies of electricity, water, gas, television and optical fiber.


The clients of QB Andina S.A. are some of the largest and most important companies in Argentina, that’s why QB must be efficient and provide excellent service that generates a lot of added value, allowing it to differentiate itself from other contractors in the sector. Currently, the companies for which they provide services include MetroGAS (a private company that operates in Argentina and which is dedicated to the distribution of natural gas service), Edenor and Edesur (two private Argentine electricity companies).



QB Andina S.A. used paper forms for their daily management, as each of their clients requested to use a different set of data . These forms were then digitally transcribed by employees at the back office and later verified manually, comparing the physical paper with what was loaded in the system.


This type of solution generated many problems, delays, and excessive costs, that’s why it was sought to improve efficiency, as well as to have greater control of field personnel, for which it was necessary to automate processes.



QB Andina decided to incorporate the OfficeTrack solution to solve the cases of managing data manually.


OfficeTrack digital forms are very flexible and easy to use.


To fill out each of the forms the employee needs to follow the steps requested by the App to complete with on site data verification and picture editing directly on OfficeTrack mobile app.


The forms indicate the fields that are mandatory or optional, which appear or are hidden according to the previous selections that the same employee has chosen from the drop-down list fields. Likewise, the system will request specific photographs, scan barcodes, take digital signatures, etc., depending on each case. This allows the report to have no incomplete fields, missing or unidentified photos.



QB Andina began to use the App for one type of audits, for which it needed to provide a better online service and save costs, and after evaluating the results, they quickly decided to use the App in many additional processes. Therefore, after 6 months of starting, there are already 7 different processes for MetroGAS and Edesur that are solved daily with OfficeTrack, in addition to all the internal quality, safety and hygiene control relays that it carries out to ensure high quality in the services provided.


It is planned to continue expanding the use of the App, so the rest of the processes will be added gradually, until the largest amount is covered according to the integration that can be achieved with the tools of its clients.


OfficeTrack was able to facilitate the daily control of personnel in the field, significantly improve the quality of reports, reduce costs, increase efficiency and shorten delivery times.


The delivery of verification reports, for example, was reduced from 3 to 1 week and 100% of the tasks were fulfilled, allowing agile control to achieve a better level of efficiency.


QB Andina S.A. can now participate in new tenders and with more convenient prices, since the tool provides them with accurate information on the resources they will need, and allows them to deliver the required information in less time. They can go looking at other contracts with the certainty that they have the resources and the tools to cover them, and respond in the best way.



“OfficeTrack enhances the efficiency of the people who work in the company. In some processes, such as quality verifications or control, the process time was reduced to a third, with the addition that the information is more accurate and reliable than before. We have great expectations so that this year we can bid on more tenders than before, presenting more competitive prices. We hope it will be a year of expansion and OfficeTrack is a super important tool to achieve it.”


Ignacio López

Operational Manager


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